Welcome to Selselah

Selselah is the Internet Development & Marketing brand of ISnSC .
ISnSC itself is a world leading company in Information Assurance & Security, which by nature and through the years, designed, developed and innovated numerous internet solutions.

Selselah comes as the prodigy child of ISnSC, who deals with non-security related requests, with ultimate powers & hands-on experience on web design, development and solutions.
Tens of highly skilled individuals covering almost every known Internet Technology, and when required invent and start a new one.
Design teams are lead by IronHelix himself, a world class graphics Guru. Multimedia is covered by the most awarded 3D houses and other more partners
With these partnerships and elite team, Selselah becomes your One-Stop-Shop for strong Online Presence..

Launched during GITEX 2009, Selselah innovative SharePoint Suite
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